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Submit projects to Artizen Prize
Submit projects to Artizen Prize
Learn how to submit projects for funding
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How to submit projects to the Artizen Prize

We award cash prizes to creators who produce positive impact in the world through art, science, tech, and design. If you have a project that fits our eligibility requirements, we'd love you to submit:

Project guidelines

To submit your project proposal click here and fill out a simple 7-min form. That's it! But here are some things you can prepare in advance:

  • Project Title: 75 character limit

  • Logline: A one-sentence overview of your project (140 character limit).

  • Impact Tags: Add tags for your project's area of positive impact (e.g. "AI Safety").

  • What are you making? Keep it simple and write in the first person, e.g. "I'm making a documentary film about the AI Safety..." (250 character limit)

  • How will your project impact the world? Tell us how your project will transform lives, revitalize communities, or regenerate ecosystems (250 character limit).

  • What progress have you made? Highlight anything that shows momentum. Have you raised money? Shipped code? Assembled an impressive team? (250 character limit)

  • Why are you the right person to make this project? What about your background makes you uniquely suited to create this project? (250 character limit).

  • Start Date: When did you first start working on your project?

  • Expected Completion Date: When do you expect to complete your project?

  • Start Date: When did you first start working on your project?

  • Wallet Address for Project: Any funding your project receives will be sent via ETH to this address.

  • Matching RFP: If your project fits any of our open Requests for Projects, please select the matching RFP below. Note: most projects do not fit any RFP and we highly encourage you to submit regardless.

  • Upload Pitch Deck: Share a PDF to go into more detail of the nuts and bolts of your project. Please read our pitch deck guidelines.

  • Name of Lead Creator: The person most responsible for the project. Each project must have one, and only one, lead creator.

  • Email for Lead Creator: [email protected]

  • Wallet Address for Lead Creator: Personal wallet address for the lead creator. The same address can be used for the Project Wallet. Don't have a wallet? We recommend MetaMask or the Rainbow wallet.

  • Twitter URL Or Website for Lead Creator: Please include full URL:

  • Profile Image for Lead Creator: Your profile photo must be 1:1 aspect ratio, at least 1000px by 1000px, and .jpg or .png file type.

  • Square Artifact Image: Your Artifact must be

Artifact guidelines

All submissions must also include an Artifact, a new type of membership NFT that captures the spark of inspiration behind your project. Artifacts can be an early sketch, a formula written in the margins of a notebook, or anything that documents an important milestone in your project's life cycle.

  • IMAGE: Square .jpg or .png, 1:1 aspect ratio, at least 1000px by 1000px

  • VIDEO (optional): Square .mp4 video, 1:1 aspect ratio, and no longer than 45 seconds. Please share as google drive link and make sure to enable general access.

Why do you need a crypto wallet?

Funding is awarded in ETH. If you don't have a wallet yet, we recommend MetaMask or the Rainbow wallet.

What happens after you click submit?

To track your project's submission status, please visit our review app.

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