How to win the Artizen Prize

Each season we award a large cash prize to the project with the most Artifacts sold

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How to win the Artizen Prize

Each season, projects sell cultural Artifacts to raise money, unlock match funding, and climb our leaderboard. At the end of the season, the project with the most Artifacts sold is declared the winner, receiving the prestigious Artizen Prize along with a large cash award.


How do I submit my project for the Artizen Prize?

Artizen supports creators who make a positive impact in the world through art, science, technology, and design. To submit a project, first ensure it meets our Curation Guidelines and qualifies for match funding from one of our sponsors, then simply fill out a 7-minute application form. That’s it!

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How much money is awarded for the prize?

Each season, the Artizen Prize is awarded to the project with the most Artifacts sold. In addition to the prestige, winning projects receive a large cash prize equal to 20% of the money pooled in our Match Fund. Throughout every season, Artizen increases the total amount of pooled Match Funds by at least 1 ETH for every 100 Artifacts sold across all projects in competition, though, depending on the strength of our Official Selection and health of our community fund, Artizen may elect to commit significantly more.

Where does the money come from?

The money for match funding and the Artizen Prize comes from our sponsors. We partner with top organization like Microsoft and the Cannes Film Festival to launch match funds that support the people, projects, and causes most important to their communities.

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