What are Artifacts?

Collect cultural Artifacts from projects you love

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What are Artifacts?

Artifacts are a new type of NFT designed to capture the essence of a project and its intended impact on the world. Minted as open editions, each Artifact sale unlocks additional match funding and cash prizes from our sponsors.

Artifacts can be an early sketch, concept art, a formula written in the margins of a notebook, a photograph, animation, video, or anything else that documents an important milestone in a project's life cycle.

To be clear, Artifacts are not projects themselves. Rather, they are unique works of art that represent the "big ideas" behind a project.



Do Artifacts deliver value to collectors?

By delivering real value to their owners, Artifacts help raise money for projects at the frontier of art, science, technology, and design. Artifacts empower you to:

  • Curate our Official Selection
    Artifacts give you the power to curate our Official Selection. Buy Artifacts to vote for your favorite projects and champion the creators you love.

  • Join a Vibrant Community
    When you own an Artifact, you join a vibrant community of artists, scientists, coders, and creators of every kind.

  • Invest in Positive Impact
    Artifacts are designed to reward positive impact. Think carbon credits, but for any project that does good in the world.

How do I buy Artifacts?

You can buy Artifacts from projects in our Official Selection at a fixed price of .01 ETH per Artifact. Each project's Artifact is sold as an open edition, allowing you to buy as many copies as you want. When the season ends, sales close and the number of editions sold determines the Artifact's total supply. Between seasons, you can purchase Artifacts from our collection on the secondary market.

Creators in our Official Selection also earn Artifacts. For every Artifact purchased, two additional Artifacts are created—one for the project's creators and another for the community treasury. This approach ensures creators maintain a significant voice in the curation process.

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Why are Artifacts sold as open editions?

Each Artifact is sold as an open edition ERC-1155 minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each season, collectors can purchase as many editions of an Artifact as they want from projects in our Official Selection. At the end of a season, sales close and the number of editions purchased by all collectors becomes the total supply of that Artifact. This approach offers several benefits, such as providing an accessible entry price for fans and enabling large collectors to purchase multiple editions. By embracing open editions, creators can maximize funding for their projects, onboard a greater number of stakeholders, and cultivate a diverse and supportive community around their work.

When I buy an Artifact, where does my money go?

Upon purchasing an Artifact, 90% of the payment directly supports the project creator, empowering them to bring their innovative ideas to life. The remaining 10% is invested in the community treasury, ensuring the ongoing operations and development of the Artizen platform, ultimately benefiting all participants. This well-balanced distribution of funds encourages creativity, collaboration, and sustainability within the Artizen ecosystem.

What guidelines should creators follow for their Artifacts?

Artifacts are the main visual for project submissions and should stand on their own as unique works of art. Submissions with visually stunning Artifacts are more likely to be selected for our Official Selection and have a higher trading value.

Artifacts are meant to be works of art, not trailers, advertisements, movie posters, or marketing collateral. As such, we do not allow any text or graphic overlays unless it is integral to the work (i.e. graphic art). Keep your Artifacts clean, simple, and free from distractions.

What are the technical specifications for Artifacts?

  • IMAGE: Square, 1000px or greater, .jpg or .png file type, 10MB or smaller, and NO text or graphic overlays.

  • GIF (optional): Square, 500px or greater, .gif file type, ideally 10MB or smaller, and NO text or graphic overlays.

  • VIDEO (optional): Square, 45 seconds or less, no more than 100MB, .mp4, loopable, and NO text or graphic overlays.

  • STANDARD: ERC-1155 minted on Ethereum Mainnet.

  • SEASON: In which season was the Artifact minted?

  • PROJECT: Title of the project.

  • LOGLINE: Paragraph description of the project (500 character limit).

  • IMPACT: How will the project transform lives, revitalize communities, or regenerate ecosystems? (250 character limit).

  • IMPACT TAGS: Areas of positive impact (e.g. "AI Safety").

  • LEAD CREATOR: The person most responsible for the project.

  • CONTRIBUTORS: All key team members.

  • START DATE: When creator started work on the project.

  • COMPLETION DATE: Expected date for the project to be completed.

  • RIGHTS: All Artifacts are published in the public domain.

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