How to unlock match funding

Buy cultural Artifacts from projects you love to unlock match funding

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How To Unlock Match Funding

Buy cultural Artifacts from projects you love to unlock match funding from our sponsors. The more Artifacts you buy, the more match funding is awarded to your favorite projects. And the project that sells the most Artifacts wins our prestigious Artizen Prize.


How do projects qualify for match funding?

When projects submit to the Artizen Fund they must qualify for at least one of our sponsored Match Funds. Each Match Fund has their own eligibility requirements. And only projects curated for our Official Selection receive match funding.

How much match funding is awarded?

Match funding for each season of the Artizen Fund is calculated using the logarithmic formula Log(1.0001)(Artifact Sales + 1). This method efficiently supports projects with fewer Artifact sales, ensuring a fair distribution of funds. By applying this formula, we encourage a diverse range of projects, fostering creativity and innovation within the Artizen community.

Where does the money come from?

The money for match funding and cash prizes comes from our sponsors. We partner with top organization like Microsoft and the Cannes Film Festival to launch match funds that support the people, projects, and causes most important to their communities. Additionally, project funding comes directly from Artifact sales.
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