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How to Get Your Project Curated
How to Get Your Project Curated

Best practices for getting your project curated for our Official Selection

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How to get your project curated for our Official Selection

Each season, our community of Artifact holders votes on project submissions. Projects that garner the most votes by the end of the review period are curated for that season's Official Selection and go on to compete for match funding and the Artizen Prize. This article aims to guide you through the best practices for ensuring your project gets curated for our Official Selection each season.

Best practices for submissions

First, make sure your project meets our Curation Guidelines and qualifies for at least one of our Match Funds. Next, ensure your project adheres to the following best practices:

  1. Make Your Artifact Visually Stunning
    Your Artifact should visually capture the essence of your project and stand on its own as unique work of art.

    • JPG or GIF

      • Square 1:1 aspect ratio and NO text or graphic overlays.

      • GIFs perform better than still images

    • Video

      • Optional but significantly boost your success.

      • 45 seconds or less, square 1:1 aspect ratio, .mp4 file type, NO text or graphic overlays, and less than 100MB.

  2. Use Simple Language

    • A short, evocative title works best.

    • Write a logline using language a 3rd grader could understand.

    • Avoid jargon or overly technical language. Your project should be universally understandable.

  3. Include a Pitch Deck

How to promote your project

Only Artifact holders are allowed to vote for project submissions. So it is important that you know how to politely promote your project submission to the people who will ultimately decide whether or not to curate your project.

  1. Join our Private Community on Console

    • Introduce yourself and share regular updates about your project.

    • Always include a link to your project's submission page.

  2. Follow and Engage on X (formerly Twitter)

    • Follow @ArtizenFund

    • Post regular updates about your project and tag @ArtizenFund.

    • We'll repost your updates, offering greater visibility for Artifact holders to discover your project.

  3. Listen to Community Feedback

    • Our community gives feedback directly on your project submission page, as well as on Console and X (formerly twitter).

    • Monitor for feedback, always respond to comments and questions, and when you agreement with the feedback make updates to your submission accordingly.

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Artizen team. Good luck, and may your creative endeavors thrive!

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