Curation Guidelines

What to look for when curating projects

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Curation Guidelines for Artizen

Each season, our community curates a new collection of projects from the frontier of art, science, technology, and design. We accept projects in any medium from oil paintings to open-source code, and in any stage of development from rough idea to released work.
Our only requirements are that projects must qualify for match funding from one of our sponsors and meet the following curatorial guidelines.

What we look for

  1. Originality. Does the project create something new, something shocking, something weโ€™ve never seen before?

  2. Impact. Does the project have the potential to transform lives, revitalize communities, or regenerate ecosystems? It's our mission at the Artizen fund.

  3. Feasibility. Is the project achievable? Does it have the team and resources needed to be completed within the proposed timeline?

Want to become a curator?

To curate projects you must own at least one Artifact. Don't own any? Learn how to buy Artifacts. Already a collector? Learn how to vote for projects you love.

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