Constellation Fund for Onchain Startups

Seeking founders building internet-native products.

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Constellation Fund for Onchain Startups

6 ETH (~$10K) Match Funds / 0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: Constellation, Artizen

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For Founders Building Internet-Native Products

Do you dream of a more dynamic internet where communities have superpowers and users are rightful owners? Are you the kind of maverick founder who plays at the intersection of crypto, culture, and community? If you're building onchain products that are truly internet-native, then welcome! The Constellation Match Fund has got your back. Our tribe of Techstars alumni, web3 pioneers, and venture rebels will help make your vision into reality. We're not waiting for the future; we're creating it. Together, let's build a community-owned internet.

Eligibility Requirements

Constellation is an investment DAO dedicated to funding the world's best onchain, internet-native startups. By submitting to this Match Fund, you agree to provide Constellation DAO and the co-sponsors of this match fund the right of first refusal to invest in your project on mutually agreeable terms. Furthermore, your project must meet the following criteria:

  • Onchain Magic: The blockchain isn't a side feature—it's your stage. Your project must be onchain, internet-native, and empower users in ways only made possible via blockchain technology.

  • Scale or Bust: Your project must aim to have millions of users. We're in the game to prove that crypto isn't just for techies but everyone.

  • Community Engagement: You need to have a strategy for community involvement—be it governance, ownership, or any incentive mechanism—that ensures users are no longer the product.

  • Early but Audacious: While we're keen on early-stage projects, a working MVP or a comprehensive prototype should be ready to go. We're not in the business of funding paper dreams.

We want founders ready to take bold risks and venture into unexplored realms. Your team should offer diverse experiences and expertise and aim at disrupting traditional markets, methods, and norms. We're all about projects that embody a tenacious drive to change the world, rooted in the belief that entrepreneurs can make a lasting impact.

Lead Sponsor

Lead Sponsor

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