Console Fund For Community Builders

Seeking community-driven projects that empower collaboration and co-creation.

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Console Fund For Community Builders

$20,000 Match Funds / $0Β Awarded
​Status: Active
​Sponsors: Console ($10K), Artizen ($10K)
πŸ’Έ Match funding awarded to projects based on Artifact sales. Learn More

For Web3 Community Builders

The Console Match Fund seeks community-driven projects that empower their members to collaborate and co-create new products, new art, and new experiences. We believe in the power and importance of private digital spaces built specifically for web3 communities where ideas can blossom and innovation can thrive. Through this fund, we hope to support initiatives that leverage the unique Web3 features of Console, thereby fostering a new era of community engagement.
πŸ“– Read Essay: Get Funded to Build Better Communities

Eligibility Requirements

Console is an all-in-one community platform for creators. We support any type of creative project: feature films, research papers, open source software, music festivals, startups, video games, apps, experiences, or other innovative endeavor. However, to qualify for this match fund, projects must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Start a new Console community or transfer an existing chat community to Console.

  2. Recruit a minimum of 50 members.

  3. Engagement: Sustain an active chat with at least 15 engaged users for a continuous period of four weeks or host an event with Console's audio/video space feature. The engagement should be genuine; if the community is found to be comprised of spam or fake accounts, you will be excluded from consideration.

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