Dean's List Fund for Solana Builders

Advancing DAOs and Governance in Solana: Dean's List funds innovative projects.

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Dean's List Fund for Solana Builders

9 ETH (~$20K) Match Funds / 0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: Dean's List (Ξ4.5), Artizen (Ξ4.5)

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For DAOs and Governance Projects within the Solana Ecosystem

The Dean's List Fund is a visionary initiative dedicated to nurturing and expanding DAO and governance tooling in the Solana ecosystem. As an organization that has evolved from a Service DAO into a digital network state, Dean's List is committed to providing prosperity and opportunity for work in web3, fostering environments of aligned goals, and creating value on-chain in the form of service-oriented products for its clients. This Match Fund is an extension of that vision, aiming to support creators and projects that embody the ethos of DAOs, modular communities, open-source development, decentralization, and the drive to make Solana the most censorship-resistant network in the world.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this fund, projects must align with the mission of Dean's List, with a specific emphasis on DAOs and Governance tooling:

  • Alignment with Solana's Mission: Projects must support the vision of Solana as a robust, censorship-resistant network, offering equitable access to the blockchain ledger for all users.

  • DAO and Governance Focus: Preference is given to projects developing DAO structures or governance tools within the Solana ecosystem.

  • Open Source: Projects should contribute open-source solutions to the growing network of products and services on Solana.

  • Innovation in the Solana Ecosystem: Demonstrating creative applications of Solana's blockchain technology, be it in DApps, governance tools, or other blockchain-based innovations.

  • Community Engagement and Growth: A strong commitment to nurturing and engaging a community within the Solana ecosystem.

  • Censorship Resistance: Upholding an environment where users and applications operate free from censorship.

This Match Fund is an exciting avenue to propel innovation and development within the Solana ecosystem, aligning with Dean's List's dedication to a decentralized, collaborative future.

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