Plato Fund for Local Flavor

Seeking creative projects to help revitalize mom-and-pop restaurants.

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Plato Fund for Local Flavor

12 ETH (~$20K) Match Funds / 0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: Plato (Ξ6), Artizen (Ξ6)

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For Revitalizing Local Restaurants

The Plato Match Fund aims to rejuvenate local, community-centric restaurants by funding projects that creatively boost in-person foot traffic. In partnership with Plato Eats, a restaurant loyalty dApp, we believe that mom-and-pop eateries form the backbone of local communities. Our mission is to ignite innovative collaborations between creators and their favorite restaurants to revitalize these spaces as hubs of culture, creativity, and community engagement. By doing so, we will help local restaurants not just survive, but flourish as vibrant hubs of social and cultural interaction.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this match fund, creators must collaborate with a local restaurant to design a project that meaningfully engages the community and increases foot traffic to the establishment. This could range from the curation of art exhibitions within the restaurant, to orchestrating regular community events like trivia nights, to developing tech solutions that foster community involvement.

Project Categories:

  • Artistic Interventions: Art installations, pop-up galleries, or any experiential art that gives people a reason to visit the restaurant.

  • Live Performance: regular music or concert series, dinner theater, or other performative arts that enrich the dining experience.

  • Community Building: Weekly or monthly events like trivia nights, game evenings, or storytelling sessions.

  • Tech Innovations: Apps or digital platforms aimed at strengthening community bonds and fostering customer loyalty.

All proposals must be original, and applicants must obtain approval from the restaurant owner for the planned activities. We encourage creators to explore diverse mediums and platforms for their projects. Our focus is on novelty, the ability to drive foot traffic, and the fostering of long-term relationships between the community and the restaurant.

For more information about the mission and motivation behind the Plato Match Fund, please read our essay Get Funded to Revive Local Flavor.

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