Mona Match Fund For Metaverse Builders

Seeking visionary creators reshaping the Open Metaverse's immersive landscape.

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Mona Match Fund

12 ETH (~$20K) Match Funds / 0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: Mona (Ξ6), Artizen (Ξ6)

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For Metaverse Builders

The Mona Match Fund supports visionary creators reshaping the Open Metaverse's immersive landscape. Through the power of blockchain technology, the metaverse can be transformed into a rich, interconnected network of diverse virtual worlds unrestricted by the boundaries of creativity. Our mission is to empower creators who are pioneering high-quality immersive experiences, games, and events in the metaverse, contributing to its growth and making it accessible to people around the globe.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this match fund, we require projects to be built on Mona and in the following categories:

  • Interactivity & Gaming Spaces

    • Example: single-player arcade games but remixed for the 3D space

  • Interactive New Tooling/Features

    • Utilize visual scripting, reactor, and/or Mona’s SDK.

    • Pre-fab assets using visual scripting or reactor.

  • Engaging/Experimental Spaces

    • Example: mazes, rave party spaces, scavenger hunts, etc.

  • Website or web app that uses Mona spaces and avatars in an interesting way

    • Example: A website where each click leads to a different Mona space

    • Example: A website that simplifies scheduling events in a Mona space

We invite individuals who are passionate about creating immersive experiences in the metaverse, such as: Architects, Fashion Designers, Gamers & social media influencers, Game designers, 3D Artists (generative AI), Artists (film, writers, traditional art, etc.), Developers, Builders, and Photographers. This fund is specifically targeted at individuals or teams who seek to push the boundaries of the Open Metaverse and contribute to Mona's mission of creating an unrestricted, creative, and social network of virtual worlds. Creators can help us push Mona and innovate the metaverse space together.


Projects may also be submitted to Mona’s buildathon on the basis that the project started during the buildathon’s timeframe. Otherwise, you may submit directly to the match fund.

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