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FilmGate Fund for Interactive Storytelling
FilmGate Fund for Interactive Storytelling

Seeking visionary creators eager to explore the boundless possibilities of narrative in the digital age.

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FilmGate Fund for Interactive Storytelling

6 ETH (~$10K) Match Funds / 0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: FilmGate Miami (Ξ3), Artizen (Ξ3)

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For Innovative and Inclusive Storytellers

The FilmGate Fund for Interactive Storytelling seeks visionary creators eager to explore the boundless possibilities of narrative in the digital age. Rooted in the vibrant, diverse culture of Miami, we are committed to fostering inclusivity and innovation in film, interactive media, and immersive experiences. Our goal is to empower artists from a myriad of backgrounds, recognizing that diversity is not just our hallmark but our strength. Through this fund, we aim to support projects that both challenge and redefine storytelling, while celebrating the multicultural tapestry that makes our community unique.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this match fund, your project should ideally combine film, interactivity, and immersive technology, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of modern storytelling. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the inclusivity and multicultural ethos of Miami and FilmGate.

  • Innovative Narratives: Projects should aim to push the boundaries of storytelling through innovative narrative structures, interactive elements, or groundbreaking technology.

  • Cultural Richness: We prioritize works that incorporate diverse perspectives, cultures, or languages, honoring Miami's melting pot of influences.

  • Interdisciplinary Teams: Creators should be willing to collaborate with professionals from other fields such as coding, graphic design, music, and more, in the spirit of collective creativity.

  • Community Engagement: Projects should aim for a positive societal impact, whether through educational messages, social commentary, or simply by fostering communal experiences.

If your project is curated, you will collaborate with FilmGate to maximize its reach and impact. This includes promotional support and potentially showcasing your project at FilmGate events. Funding will be held until all deliverables are met and approved by both FilmGate and the creator.

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