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Partner with Artizen

Become our partner to support the creators in your community

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Partner with the Artizen Fund

At Artizen, we partner with top organizations like Microsoft and the Cannes Film Festival to award match funding for projects at the frontier of human creativity. From oil paintings to open-source code, we champion creators who impact in the world through art, science, technology, and design. Sponsor one of our existing Match Funds or launch a new Match Fund to support the people, projects, and causes most important to your community.



How does it work?

Artizen makes it easy for organizations to support the most talented artists, scientists, coders, and creators in their community. Sponsor one of our existing Match Funds or partner with us to launch a new Match Fund designed specifically for your brand. Qualifying projects unlock match funding by selling cultural Artifacts to their fans. The more Artifacts sold, the more match funding a project unlocks. By pooling money with the Artizen community, sponsors amplify their impact for the groundbreaking creators who fuel their ecosystem.

What type of creators does Artizen support?

Each sponsor defines the type of creators and projects they want to support with their Match Fund. From oil paintings to open-source code, Artizen champions human creativity writ large and fosters a vibrant community of artists, scientists, coders, developers, and builders of every kind.

What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?

Become a sponsor to support the creators in your community. Here are some of the benefits you'll receive:

  • Launch Match Funds: We make it easy to launch new Match Funds that celebrate your brand and fuel your ecosystem.

  • Reach Top Creators: We actively promote your Match Fund to thousands of the world's top artists, scientists, coders, and creators.

  • Amplify Your Impact: By pooling money with our community, you amplify your impact for the people, projects, and causes that matter most to your organization.

What is your track record of success?

Artizen has awarded nearly $1M to top projects featuring well-known talent like Cate Blanchett, the Wu-Tang Clan, and legendary directors Terrence Malick and Darren Aronofsky. Winners of the Artizen Prize routinely premiere at major festivals and cultural events like Sundance and the Venice Biennale. We have a proven track record of backing creators who make a positive impact on the world.

How long do sponsorships run?

Sponsorships run until qualifying projects raise at least as much money as the sponsor's initial contribution to the Match Fund. Though in practice projects often raise a good deal more depending on how many Artifacts are sold and how much money other sponsors have contributed.

How do I become a sponsor?

If your company, foundation, DAO, or organization is interested in becoming a sponsor of the Artizen Fund, please email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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