What we're looking for

We award unrestricted grants to creators who produce positive impact in the world through art, tech, science, and design.

Curation guidelines:

  1. Originality. Create something new, something shocking, something we’ve never seen before. Be bold, take risks.

  2. Impact. Transform lives, revitalize communities, and regenerate ecosystems. It's our mission at the Artizen fund.

  3. Feasibility. Show us how you're planning to execute the project. Build the team, learn the skills, and do the research to make your dream a reality.

Stage of development

We fund projects at any stage of development, from rough idea to released work.


You can submit your project in any medium – from oil painting to dance performance to open source code. Whatever's your jam.


You can submit the same project proposal for multiple rounds of funding. You can also submit as many different projects as you like for any given grant cycle.

By applying you accept the terms of our Grant Agreement.

Got what we're looking for?

Apply for funding on a rolling basis.

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