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Curate our Official Selection

Artifacts give you the power to vote for project submissions. The more Artifacts you own, the greater your voting power. Each season, submissions are reviewed based on our Curation Guidelines and the projects with the most votes are curated for our Official Selection. Visit our Review App to vote for projects or buy Artifacts to become a curator.

How do I become a curator?

To become a curator, you must own at least one Artifact. The more Artifacts you own, the greater your voting power. By participating in the curation process, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of art, science, technology, and design.

Buy Artifacts to become a curator

Are there curation guidelines?

We support creators who produce positive impact in the world through art, science, technology, and design. Please review our Curation Guidelines before voting, but at a high-level we encourage you to support projects that are original, impactful, and feasible.

How many votes can I give each project?

The number of votes you can give a project depends on the number of Artifacts you own. For example, if you own one Artifact, you give each project one vote. Or if you own two Artifacts, you can vote twice for all projects, and so on.

Does voting cost me anything?

Voting does not cost anything. As long as you own an Artifact you are able to vote for project submissions free of cost. Additionally, casting a vote does not burn or otherwise expend your Artifacts.

When should I vote?

New projects are submitted daily so we encourage you to visit the review app as often as possible or find a day during the week that is comfortable for you.

How to vote for projects

Step 1: Go to the Review App

To start, please visit our Review App at the link below and you will see all Submissions on the left hand side of your screen.

Review App:

Step 2: Login with your Artifact

Click "Login" Button

From the Review App, please click the "login" button and connect your wallet. Make sure you are connecting the wallet that contains your Artifacts.

Select Your Wallet

Selected MetaMask or WalletConnect and then click "Connect Wallet".

Step 3: Vote for projects

Adding Votes

Once logged in, you are able to vote for projects by clicking the Up Arrow button. Each Artifact you own grants you one vote. The more Artifacts you own, the more votes you can cast. You can also vote for as many projects as you like each season without burning or otherwise expending your Artifacts.

Removing Votes

If you vote for a project and decide later to remove your support, you can do so at any time by clicking on the Down Arrow button.

Step 4: New winners curated every season

At the end of each season's submission period, the projects with the most votes are curated for our Official Selection.

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