3 Artifacts minted every day

Every 24 hours, a new series of three Artifacts is minted by the grant winning project:

  • Patron Edition 1/1 - awarded to the top donor of today's grant.

  • Creator Edition 1/1 - awarded to the winner of today's grant.

  • Artizen Edition 1/1 - awarded to Artizen's community treasury.

Earn Artifacts

There are two ways to earn Artifacts:

  1. Become the Top Donor - If you donate more than anyone else in a given 24 hour grant cycle, you are awarded with the Patron Edition of today's Artifact.

  2. Win a Grant - If you apply for funding and are selected as a grant winner, you are awarded with the Creator Edition of your project's Artifact.

Buy Artifacts

To buy an Artifact, please visit the Artizen Fund Collection on OpenSea.

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