Cabin Fund for Regenerative Art

Funding large-scale installations, sculptures, and earthworks that foster community and regenerate the natural world.

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Cabin Fund for Regenerative Art

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Status: Active

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Funding large-scale installations, sculptures, and earthworks that foster community and regenerate the natural world.

Cabin Fund supports creators who produce large-scale, architectural installations, sculptures, and earthworks that foster multi-generational communities and help regenerate the natural world. Your canvas? Neighborhood Zero, Elkenmist, or any neighborhood in the Cabin directory. We envision a world where art and nature integrate seamlessly to create transformative experiences that deepen our connection with the environment, our community, and ourselves. Inspired by the immersive installations of Burning Man, Meow Wolf, Cadillac Ranch, and Naoshima art island, we aim to commission groundbreaking works that will establish Cabin as a global destination for community-driven, regenerative art.

Eligibility Requirements

Selected creators will join a residency program at Neighborhood Zero, Elkenmist, or other Cabin neighborhood with free accommodations during the build process. We seek artists, architects, engineers, and creators experienced in installation art, large-scale sculptures, site-specific works, landscape architecture, earthworks, and interactive or kinetic art. To be eligible for this fund, your project must meet the following guidelines:

  • Regenerative: Artwork should actively support the natural ecosystems through feedback loops that improve the soil and water, recycle nutrients, and increase biodiversity (e.g., sculptures that double as bee sanctuaries).

  • Sustainable: Use of recycled, upcycled, or sustainable materials is a priority, and the artwork should be designed to evolve over time rather than degrade.

  • Co-Created: The artwork should be designed to be added to or modified over time, perhaps by anyone who visits it, emphasizing co-creation and shared ownership.

  • Useful: The artwork should be useful to residents co-living at Neighborhood Zero, whether that be for specific activities or modes of thinking.

  • Communal: Designs should involve the Cabin community in the art-making process, fostering social cohesion and shared stewardship of local resources.

$CABIN token holders will participate in the voting process to curate projects for this fund. If curated, you will work with Cabin to select the specific site for your installation at one of the Cabin Neighborhoods. All details and logistics will be mutually agreed upon by Cabin and Creator. Funding will be held until you coordinate and lock your build specifics with Cabin. Selected projects must also document the build process via photo and video to help generate material that can be used to market their installation. Once completed, Cabin will host a ticketed event to officially launch your installation, giving your work the audience and appreciation it deserves.

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