DeSci Fund for Scientific Innovation

Empowering transformative scientific collaboration and open innovation through DeSci Nodes

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DeSci Fund for Scientific Innovation

$10,000 Match Funds / $0 Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: DeSci Foundation ($5,000), Artizen ($5,000)

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For Transformative Science

The DeSci Fund for Scientific Innovation is dedicated to advancing the future of science through the power of decentralized infrastructure. Emphasizing the importance of open access and collaboration, this fund supports projects that utilize DeSci Nodes to share original scientific research with the world. We aim to empower both established researchers and citizen scientists in their endeavors, fostering an ecosystem where scientific discovery is transparent, reproducible, and accessible to all. By backing initiatives that harness DeSci Nodes for everything from hypothesis registration to data sharing and manuscript publication, we’re not just funding projects; we’re investing in a more open, collaborative, and efficient scientific future.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the DeSci Fund, your project must adhere to the following criteria:

  • DeSci Nodes Usage: Projects must actively utilize DeSci Nodes for sharing research results and artifacts publicly, including a scientific manuscript that was written and submitted by the original authors. Manuscripts can be as long or short as appropriate, but they must be a PDF file containing a title on the first page, author names listed right below the title on a separate line, an abstract, a main text body, and a bibliography section titled “References” or “Bibliography” at the end. These formatting guidelines are required to enable Google Scholar to index your work. Submissions from all fields of science are welcome.

  • Open Science Emphasis: Projects should follow best open science practices to the best of their ability, including sharing artifacts such as data and code alongside manuscript, conducting research based on pre-registered analysis plans, full transparency about methods used, and making active efforts to enable the reproducibility of the reported results as much as possible.

  • Innovative Research Focus: Preference is given to projects offering novel, ambitious scientific research or technology.

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