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Artizen Fund Season III
Updated over a week ago

Season III is underway!

We will be awarding the Artizen Prize this Season based on a match funding model. You can read more about how this works Here Below are some important dates to keep you ready for what's next.

Open For Applications May 15th - August 1st

Apply for the Artizen fund Here If you have already applied feel free to log in at to make any updates to your current projects by July 15th.

Voting Closes on August 1st

We will allow voting until 9 am PST time August 1st. We will be picking the top 42 projects to feature this season based on our community votes. We will announce all selectees on August 7th. You will have 3 weeks to connect with us and prepare your Artizen fund campaign.

Artizen Fund Live September 1st - October 10th

The projects selected for the fund will go live on September 1st at 9 am PST time and Closes on October 10th at 9 am PST time.

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