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How to write a great logline
How to write a great logline

One-sentence overview of your project

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A logline is a brief summary of a project that encapsulates its essence in a sentence or two. It serves as a pitch to pique the interest of potential investors, collaborators, and audiences. Writing a great logline requires the ability to distill the project's key elements into a concise and compelling statement.

Here are some tips to help you write a great logline for any project:

  1. Start with the Project's Genre or Field
    Whether it's a film, a scientific research project, or a technological innovation, begin by identifying the primary genre or field of the project.

  2. Focus on the main character or idea:
    A great logline should be centered around a strong main character or idea that drives the project. This could be a person, an invention, or a concept that is unique and compelling.

  3. Add an Element of Uniqueness
    What makes this project stand out from others in its genre or field? It could be an unusual plot twist, an innovative method, or a distinctive style that sets it apart.

  4. Keep it Short and Punchy
    A great logline should be no more than two sentences and capture the reader's attention from the first word. Use concise language and avoid unnecessary details.

  5. Test It Out
    Once you have drafted your logline, test it out on others to see if it captures their interest and conveys the essence of your project. You can use feedback to refine and improve your logline.

  6. Revise and Refine
    Like any piece of writing, a logline may require multiple revisions to get it just right. Don't be afraid to revise and refine until you have a logline that effectively communicates the essence of your project.

Example Loglines:

  • Feature film about a young boy who discovers he has an extraordinary talent for painting but struggles to find acceptance in a world that values conformity.

  • Using CRISPR gene editing, our team of researchers aim to discover a new treatment for a rare genetic disorder that has baffled doctors for decades.

  • Novel about a struggling artist in Paris who falls in love with a courtesan who he must woo from a wealthy patron.

  • Through a combination of brain imaging and behavioral experiments, scientists uncover the neural mechanisms behind decision-making and how it can be influenced.

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