Mona Fund for 3D Creators

Empowering digital artists to shape the future of the metaverse with innovative 3D assets, enhancing Mona’s virtual experiences.

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Mona Match Fund for 3D Creators

$20,000 Match Funds / $0 ETH Awarded
Status: Active
Sponsors: Mona ($10,000), Artizen ($10,000)

💸 Match funding awarded to projects based on Artifact sales. Learn More

For 3D Creators

The Mona Fund supports artists in crafting interoperable 3D objects that enrich virtual environments and gameplay within the metaverse. These assets become central to Mona's dynamic offerings, including games and weekly free drops, promoting artists and their creations. As contributors to Mona's evolving digital landscape, artists benefit from Mona's platform to gain recognition and monetize their work.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this match fund, projects must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Creators must submit 3D assets compatible with Mona’s specifications for weekly drops.

  • The 3D objects should be designed to be interoperable within various metaverse spaces.

  • Projects must be uploaded onto the creator’s Mona user account.

  • Artists are encouraged, though not required, to participate in Mona's community events and workshops for better integration and networking.

  • Submissions must include a plan for social promotion by Mona, highlighting the artist’s contribution.

Lead Sponsor

Basic Sponsor

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