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The Seven Gubbles
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Set deep in meta nature The Seven Gubbles leads you through an experience that deconstructs the complexity of human behavior and centers the urgency of caring for the environment. Collaborators Tabitha Swanson and Balfua both have years of experience and interest in creating environments based on magical surrealism and bring a great deal of talent to this project. We are excited to see where this leads conceptually and visually.

How will your work touch on the complexity of capitalism and the environment?

We will create visual and abstract commentary on the importance of maintaining the environment, while showing what will happen when nature and balance are not respected.

What are some of the mechanics of how you will include audience participation?

We will allow the audience to interact with it in many forms, from IRL, to VR, AR, and video pieces. They can also own the NFT through Artizan <3

You will create this project in AR, VR, and Video how do you see each medium taking place differently?

The touch-points with the audience and their involvement will be different. With video, they’re rather passive, with AR, it’s blended into their world, and with VR, they have to complete complex tasks to create the storyline.

How did you structure your collaboration on this piece and how do your differing backgrounds feed into the work?

While we have a lot of cross-over in 3D animation, Sam brings a ton of technical knowledge in 3D fabrication and creating structures, while Tabitha brings UX/UI and marketing experience.

About the Artists

Tabitha Swanson

Tabitha Swanson is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary designer, creative technologist, and artist. Her practice includes 3D, animation, augmented reality, digital fashion, graphic design, and UX/UI. Commercially, Tabitha has worked with brands including Vogue Germany, Nike, Highsnobiety, Reebok, Origins, and others to create beautiful work in the creative tech and design sphere.

Sam Balfus aka Balfua

Born in LA, based in Berlin. I’m an artist, musician, and world-builder interested in the new digital sphere. I often create works sculpted in Virtual Reality and rendered in 3D software.

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