Verifying your Artifact

Your Artifact is a membership pass to the Artizen Fund. Verifying your Artifact allows you to access private channels, workshops, and talks, and connect with other blue chip creators.

Step 1

Head over to our Discord and visit the #verify-my-artifact channel. Once there, click on the Verify My Artifact button.

Step 2

The following prompt will load the Artizen Fund Membership Pass here, click on join guild to access.

Step 3

Connect your wallet that contains your Artifact and Authorize the connection by following the next three prompts.

Go ahead and Authorise on Discord.

If you see this pop-up bellow, you may not have an Artifact yet. Let us know if you received an email that you have an Artifact but are not seeing the option to connect your wallet and Discord.

Step 4

Sign and complete to connect by following the next three wallet connection prompts.

Connect your wallet to

Choose an account to Connect

Sign to Complete

You're In!

Now you have a Membership Pass to the Artizen Community and you should see our Connect, Curate, and Elevate channels in Discord.

#Connect is designed to share updates about you and your work, ask questions, and build your community

#Curate is designed to discuss and debate submissions privately.

#Elevate is there to help open doors, make intros, give feedback, and create a culture of mutual support.

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