Artifacts Reward Positive Impact

Think carbon credits, but for any project that does good in the world.

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Artifacts reward positive impact

Artifacts are designed to reward positive impact. Think carbon credits, but for any project that does good in the world. Each Artifact represents an impact claim for how a project plans to:

  • Transform Lives

  • Revitalize Communities

  • Regenerate Ecosystems

Impact drives value

Artifacts link value to impact, similar to how NFTs generate value for digital art. The amount of positive impact a project has on the world determines the value of an Artifact. The greater the impact, the more valuable the Artifact.

For example, imagine a research project that makes a significant breakthrough in material science. Their Artifact could simply be a math equation scribbled in the margins of a notebook. But if the project ends up transforming how the world produces energy then we would expect their Artifact to appreciate in value.

Own the impact, not the project

Inspired by impact certificates and hypercerts, Artifacts represent a new form of ownership. Instead of equity in a project or shares in a company, Artifacts give you an ownership stake in the impact. This gives creators the freedom to control their own work, while giving Artifact holders exposure to any upside if the project is a wild success. With Artifacts you own the impact, not the project.

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