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Artifacts give you the power to vote for projects you love
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Curated by the Artizen community

By empowering our community to curate the Artizen Prize, we foster a transparent, engaging, and democratic process that values the voices of our Artifact holders. This help article will guide you through the curation process and address key questions.

How are projects curated for the Official Selection?

The curation process begins with an open call for projects. Our community of Artifact holders review submissions, evaluating them based on their potential impact, originality, and feasibility. Projects that align with one of our Request for Projects receive special consideration. The highest-rated projects are curated for the Official Selection.

How do I vote for projects?

Each Artifact you own grants you one vote. The more Artifacts you own, the more voting power you have in the curation process. You can vote for as many projects as you like, without burning or expending your Artifacts. By owning multiple Artifacts, you increase your impact to help champion the creators in your community.

How do projects win the Artizen Prize?

Projects in the Official Selection compete by selling Artifacts. The more Artifacts a project sells, the higher it climbs the leaderboard. At the end of the season, the project with the most Artifacts sold is declared the winner of the prestigious Artizen Prize.

What are the curation guidelines?

Curators assess project submissions based on the following criteria:

  1. Originality. Does the project create something new, something shocking, something we’ve never seen before?

  2. Impact. Does the project have the potential to transform lives, revitalize communities, or regenerate ecosystems?

  3. Feasibility. Is the project achievable? Does it have the team and resources needed to be completed within the proposed timeline?

How do I become a curator?

To become a curator, you must own an Artifact. Owning an Artifact grants you membership in our thriving community of artists, scientists, coders, and creators, giving you the power to vote on project submissions and influence the Official Selection. By participating in the curation process, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of art, science, technology, and design.

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