Please follow these instructions to add yourself as a team member to project profiles created and managed by other users.

STEP 1: Login or Join Artizen

To add yourself to a project profile you must first login to Artizen. If you are not yet an Artizen member please read our How to Join Artizen guide.

STEP 2: Click the Plus Button and Select "Add Project"

Once you are logged in to Artizen you will see a green plus button on the bottom right of your screen. Click that button and select "Add Project". NOTE: Currently the Add Project option is not visible on mobile.

STEP 3: Enter The Project Name

Type in the name of the project you want to join. If the project has already been added to Artizen it will be displayed in the list. Click on the project to join.

STEP 4: Add Your Title on Project

Enter your tile on the project and click ADD button. Once you add yourself as a team member the project's owner is sent a notification to verify you position on the project and may elect to change your title or remove you from the project altogether. Adding yourself to projects you were not involved with or giving yourself an incorrect or misleading credit is strictly prohibited and may result in your account being suspended or removed from Artizen altogether.

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