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How do grants work?

An open source project, Artizen grants are funded and curated by your community. Membership dues from grant supporters are pooled and awarded to projects selected by fellow fans, creators, and industry leaders providing more sustainable support for the artists in your community.

How Artizen grants work

How do I join Artizen?

Joining Artizen is free and membership is open to everyone. Click the link below to learn how to create a member profile.

How to join Artizen

How do I submit my projects to grants?

To submit to grants you must first create a project profile for your work. And we suggest you read our best practices for project profiles to increase your chances of winning a grant. Once you have created your project profile, simply visit a grant, click on the submit button, and select the project you want to submit. Click below to learn more.

Submit projects to grants

How do I win grants?

In simplistic terms, the project submission with the most upvotes wins the grant. So in order for you to win a grant, your project submission must secure the most upvotes. We suggest you do a few things to improve your chances. First, you need to make sure that your project profile is as strong as possible by adhering to our best practices and pitch deck guidelines. Second, you should share your project's review link with your friends, family, fans, and followers and ask them to upvote your project submission. Finally, you should build a community of supporters on Artizen who care about you and your work. Click below to learn more.

Build support for your projects

How do I create a new grant?‌

Artizen makes it easy for you to create and run new grants for free. Thanks to our unique crowdfunding model, Artizen gives you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards. If you are interested in creating a new grant to support the artists in your community, please email us at [email protected] to get started for free.

Create and run grants

How do I support a grant?‌

There are two ways to support grants. The first is to become a grant supporter where you contribute recurring membership dues. The second is to make a one-time donation. Membership dues and donations are pooled and awarded to grant winners.

Support grants

What benefits do I get when I support a grant?‌

Artizen grants reward you for supporting the artists in your community. When you become a grant supporter you receive upvote credits and submit credits to review project submissions and compete for grant awards, and earn public recognition as a community leader. And with membership tiers that range in price from free to large dollar sponsorships, Artizen makes it easy for everyone in the community to become a grant supporter.

Membership tiers

How do I upvote project submissions?

Artizen grants are curated by their community of supporters. Each month grant supporters receive a fixed number of upvote credits to help select grant winners by upvoting projects they love. At the end of the award cycle, the project submission with the most upvotes automatically wins the grant. To upvote project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then click the Upvote button.

Upvote project submissions

How do I give feedback for project submissions?‌

Grant supporters are encouraged to give constructive feedback on project submissions to help artists improve their work. All feedback is open and transparent allowing for healthy community debate. To give feedback on project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then click the Feedback button.

Give feedback

How do I share an update on Artizen?

Sharing updates on Artizen is a great way to generate awareness, support, and momentum for you and your work. Before you share any updates please read over our Community Guidelines.

Share updates

How do I upgrade or downgrade my grant memberships?‌

You may upgrade or downgrade your membership tier at any time. Simply navigate to a grant and then scroll down to the Support section. Your current plan is indicated by the grey "Your Plan" button. Click on the Join button for the membership tier you would like to switch to. You can also find a list of all the grants you support on your settings page.

Upgrade or downgrade grant memberships

How do I download an invoice for my memberships?‌

To download invoices for your grant memberships, simply navigate to your settings page and scroll down to the Memberships section. From there you are able to download invoices for each grant you support.

Download invoices

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