Once you have shared an update on Artizen you can edit or delete the update at any time.

STEP 1: Go to Updates

Once you are logged into Artizen, navigate to the updates feed by clicking on the Updates link in the left hand navigation drawer.

STEP 2: Go to My Updates

From the main updates page, you will see a "My Updates" pillbox just below the top navigation. Click on "My Updates".

STEP 3: Click on More Options Icon

Once your are on the My Updates page scroll down until you find the update you want to edit or delete. Once you have found the update, click on the triple dot "More" icon to get the Edit and Delete options. Click on Edit to edit the update, and Delete to delete the update.

STEP 4: Edit and Re-Share

Clicking Edit will take you to the Share Update screen. From here make any changes you want and then click the Submit button again.

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