Sharing updates on Artizen is a great way to generate awareness, support, and momentum for you and your work. Before you share any updates please read over our Community Guidelines.

STEP 1: Click the Plus Button and Select "Share Update"

Once you are logged in to Artizen you will see a green plus button on the bottom right of your screen. Click that button and select "Share Update".

STEP 2: Select Your Profile or Project

You can share an update about either your personal profile or from one of your projects. Click on the profile or project you want to make an update about.

STEP 3: Select Category

Select a category for your update. Selecting a category that fits your update and your post will be easier for the community to discover.

STEP 4: Write Your Update

There is a 1,000 character limit but in general best to keep your update short.

STEP 5: Add Photos

Click on the Add Photos link to add a photo. Multiple photos are allowed but you can only select and upload one photo at a time.

STEP 6: Add Video

Click on the Add Video link to add a video. We allow you to add videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. You must also upload a cover photo for your video.

STEP 7: Add Button

Click on Add Button to embed a button into your update. Adding a button to your update is a great way to encourage your community to take a certain action such as upvoting a project, supporting a grant, or visiting any URL.

STEP 8: Share Update

Once you have written your update and added additional content simply click on the Submit button to share your update.

STEP 9: View Update in Home Feed

Once you share an update it will appear in the home feed for all Artizen members. You may edit your update by clicking on the triple dot icon.

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