The leaderboard for a grant shows all project submissions sorted by their selection rank. The #1 ranked project at the end of an award cycle wins the grant. The leaderboard is also a great tool for viewing project feedback and learning more about project submissions. Click here to learn how to launch the leaderboard.

‌Selection Rank

The leaderboard for a grant shows all project submissions ranked by the number of upvotes. If there are multiple project submissions with the same number of upvotes, the project submission that was submitted earlier to the grant will have the higher selection rank.

Review Submission

If you wish to upvote or give feedback for a project submission, clicking on the Review Submission link will take you directly to that project's review page.

Upvote Count

The number of upvotes a project has received is displayed beneath the hero image.

View Feedback‌

To view feedback from grant supporters about a project submission, click on the View Feedback link. Learn more about feedback here.

View More Info

Some grants collect custom info about project submissions. To read a project submissions answers to any custom questions, click on the More Info link.

View Project Profile

To learn more about a project, click on the Project Profile link. Clicking on this link or on the project's hero image will open the project's profile page in a new browser tab.

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