Grant supporters are encouraged to give constructive feedback on project submissions to help artists improve their work. All feedback is open and transparent allowing for healthy community debate. To give feedback on project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Click Feedback Button

Once you launch the Review App, click on the Feedback button for any project you wish to give feedback. NOTE: Only grant supporters are allowed to give feedback.

STEP 2: Submit Feedback

Write your feedback and then click on the submit button. Please focus on actionable and constructive comments that follow with our community guidelines. What works well about the project? What could be stronger? Your feedback will be attributed to you and sent to the project's creators as well as accessible by anyone in the community.

STEP 3: View Feedback

You can view all the feedback a project has received by visiting its review page and clicking on the View Feedback link under the project's hero image.

STEP 3: Edit Feedback

You can edit your feedback or provide new feedback for a project submission at any time by visiting the project's review page and clicking on the Edit Feedback button. An easy way to find a project that you've already given feedback on is to use the review drawer.

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