Grant supporters use upvote credits to help select grant winners by upvoting projects they love. At the end of an award cycle, the project submission with the most upvotes wins the grant. To upvote project submissions you must first launch the Review App for a specific grant and then follow these instructions:

STEP 1: Click Upvote Button

Once you launch the Review App, click on the Upvote button for any project you wish to submit upvotes. NOTE: Only grant supporters are allowed to upvote project submissions.

STEP 2: Select Number of Upvotes

Use the slider or manually enter the number of upvotes you wish to award the project. NOTE: Grant supporters receive a monthly allotment of upvote credits. If you run out of upvote credits you must either wait for the start of the next month to receive more or upgrade to a higher tier of support.

STEP 3: Submit Upvotes

Once you have selected the number of upvotes to award a project, you must click on the Submit Upvotes button. NOTE: All upvotes are final. Once you submit upvotes to a project you can not undo this action.

STEP 4: Review More Projects

After you upvote a project, a new project review page is automatically loaded. We encourage you to review as many project submissions as you can.

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