Each grant has its own Review App for grant supporters to upvote or give feedback on project submissions. There are three ways to launch the Review App for a grant: from a direct review link, from the leaderboard, or from the grant page.

Launch from Grant Page

STEP 1: Visit Grant Page

Navigate to the main page for the grant you wish to review submissions.

STEP 2: Click on Review Submissions Button

In the top navigation bar on the grant page, click on the Review Submissions button. NOTE: Only grant supporters are allowed to review submissions. If you are not a grant supporter you will need to upgrade.

STEP 3: Review Projects

When you launch the Review App for a grant, you can upvote and give feedback for one project at a time the order of which is determined by our sorting algorithm.

Launch from Leaderboard

STEP 1: Visit Leaderboard

After you launch the leaderboard for a grant, scroll down until you find a project you would like to review.

Once you find a project you wish to review, click on the Review Submission link.

STEP 3: Review Project

Clicking on the Review Submission link will take you to the review page for that specific project where you are then able upvote and give feedback.

If someone shares a review link with you, clicking on the link will take you directly to the review page for that specific project where you'll then be able to upvote and give feedback.

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