Grant administrators have the ability and authority to remove any project submitted to their grant if they determine that the submission violates their rules and conditions or goes against the spirit of their grant. To remove and disqualify a project from consideration, grant administrators must follow these steps:

STEP 1: Contact project owners

Before removing a project from consideration, please write directly to the creators of the project in question and work with them to try to remedy the issue. Only if the issue is extreme should a grant administrator immediately remove a project.

STEP 2: Navigate to the leaderboard

If the creators of the project in question are not able to resolve the issue in a timely manner or if the issue is extreme, you will need to remove the project by navigating to your grant's leaderboard.

STEP 3: Click on Disqualify switch

Once on the leaderboard for your grant you'll see a "Disqualify" switch by all project submissions. Scroll down until you find the project in question and then click on the Disqualify switch. NOTE: only grant administrators can see the Disqualify switch.

STEP 4: Provide reason for disqualification

After you click on the Disqualify button you'll be required to provide a reason for why the project is being removed from consideration. This feedback will then be emailed to the project's creators. Please be as specific and direct as possible but remember there is a hard working artist on the other side of this communication so also be kind. NOTE: Once a project is removed from consideration it will still be visible on the leaderboard for grant administrators. No other users will see the project listed anywhere on your grant.

STEP 5: Reinstate project

If after removing a project from consideration the project's creators are able to satisfactorily remedy the issue then grant administrators may reinstate the project by navigating to their grant's leaderboard, finding the project in question, and then toggling the Disqualified switch back to the off position. At this point the project will once again be visible to all users and be in the running for the grant.

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