Showcases are a great tool for building community and support for your grant. Hosting a showcase for your grant is entirely optional, but if you choose to do so here are some useful guidelines:


A showcase is an online event that features a selection of projects submitted to your grant. Each selected project gets an opportunity to present their work and then answer questions from the community. We suggest your showcase lasts about an hour and features around 6 projects. This will give each project about 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions and answers.


We recommend hosting your showcase a week or two before your grant's award cycle finishes. This will give grant supporters enough time to watch the showcase on their own time and digest the project presentations.

Curating Projects

We recommend grant admins message their board of directors to help curate projects for their showcase. We suggest that you pick projects that represent the spirit of your grant, not necessarily the projects that have received the most community support. This is an opportunity for the board of directors to highlight work that might otherwise get overlooked. Make sure to invite selected projects via Artizen messaging at least two weeks before your showcase and read over our template for inviting artists.

Promoting Showcase

Grant admins and board members should actively promote the showcase to their community via social media, email lists, direct outreach, or any other marketing channels available. Also make sure to message all grant supporters and message board members to let them know when a showcase is taking place and how to join.

Streaming Platform

We recommend you use Zoom to host your showcase. A good technical flow is to invite your presenting artists and board members to the Zoom meeting and then stream your Zoom meeting to YouTube and Facebook where your community of supporters will watch the showcase. Other platforms to consider using are Twitch, Crowdcast, and even Google meet. As showcases are optional and happen outside Artizen, grant admins can use any streaming platform they like to host the showcase.

Embedding Stream on Grant Page

If you stream your showcase to either YouTube of Vimeo then you can embed that stream on your grant page. Email us at [email protected] to coordinate embedding a stream on your grant page.

Recording Showcase

We highly recommend that you record your showcase and share it widely with your community. The Artizen community is global, so recording your showcase will allow grant supporters to watch on their own time. But if you do record your showcase make sure you inform and get consent from all presenting artists.


Here are two examples of past showcase events:

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