Each grant administrator has the option to collect artist benefits from their community to award to grant winners. Any artist benefits awarded to a grant winner is in addition to the prize money awarded automatically by the grant. Artist benefits are non-monetary awards such as mentorship from community leaders, in-kind contributions like studio time, or free tools and services from supporting companies.

Types of Benefits

In addition to the cash prize, grant winners may receive non-monetary artist benefits for anything that helps them develop, fund, produce, create, market, exhibit, distribute, or otherwise support their project. Artist benefits may include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Mentorship: Community leaders may support grant winners with mentorship sessions. Mentorship implies a somewhat ongoing and open ended engagement between grant winners and community leaders such as successful artists, producers, curators, distributors, investors, engineers, executives, and others.

  • Consultations: Industry professionals may support grant winners with free consultations. Examples include a designer offering to help create a movie poster, a producer offering to help review a project budget, or a curator offering a critique session. Consultations differ from mentorship in that they are a more limited engagement focused on specific and defined areas of support.

  • Free Services and In-kind Contributions: Companies may support grant winners with free services and in-kind contributions. Examples include a sound stage offering free studio time, a PR agency offering to help launch a project, or a law firm offering help with deal structure and negotiations.

  • Free Tools and Products: Companies may support grant winners with free tools and products. Examples include free licenses for software or free hardware for physical goods such as cameras, computers, HMDs, microphones, and lighting equipment.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Companies and community leaders may support grant winners by helping them to market and promote their project. Examples include a media company offering a certain number of free ads, an influencer offering to promote the project on social media, or a distributor offering to give the project feature placement.

  • Distribution: Companies may support grant winners by offering to distribute their completed projects. Examples include an exclusive streaming service offering to carry the project, an app store offering to feature the project, or any type of company that can distribute or otherwise deliver the project to an audience.

  • Curation and Exhibition: Organizations may support grant winners by offering to curate and exhibit their completed projects. Examples include a festival offering to premiere a completed project, a museum or gallery offering to exhibit the work, or any cultural institution that can elevate and connect an artist's work with an audience.‌

When possible, Artist Benefits should be scoped and targeted with specific limits such as time (i.e. two consultations sessions each lasting no more than one hour), quantity (i.e. three free software licenses), or geography (i.e. distribution for Europe).

Contributing an Artist Benefit

Anyone in the community may offer to contribute an artist benefit to a grant. If you are an individual or representative of a company who would like to contribute your time, services, or products to a grant, please message the grant admin or email [email protected] with a description of the artist benefit you'd like to contribute and the name of the grant you'd like to support. Grant admins are required to approve new artist benefits and are responsible for collecting, coordinating, and delivering artist benefits to grant winners.

Soliciting New Artist Benefits

Grant admins and board members are encouraged to engage their communities to contribute new artist benefits by identifying and reaching out to potential partner organizations and individuals who could support the grant. Please make sure to read over our outreach template for artist benefits. Also we suggest you message you current supporters and message board members to solicit contributions of new artist benefits.

Management of Artist Benefits

Grant admins are responsible for collecting, coordinating, and delivering artist benefits to grant winners. Grant admins must make their best effort to deliver all promised artist benefits to grant winners in a timely manner, however, grant admins are not in breach of the Grant Agreement if artist benefits are not delivered due to circumstances beyond their control. Make sure to learn how messaging works on Artizen to manage this process.

Accepting Artist Benefits

In order to receive artist benefits the grant winner must acknowledge and agree to the Grant Agreement and all other Artizen terms and policies.

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