Grant administrators are responsible for hosting regular board meetings online for grant directors to discuss ways to better manage, promote, and grow their grant. We suggest using group messaging with board members to coordinate. Here are some best practices to keep in mind for board meetings:

  • Frequency: We recommend at least one board meeting per quarter.

  • Calendar Invite: Grant admins should send out calendar invites to all board members. This calendar invite should have all relevant info like links to the video conference, agenda, etc... We also suggest you make your calendar event recurring so you can set it and forget it.

  • Hosted Online: Board meetings must be hosted online via video conference so grant directors can attend remotely. We hate all video conferencing solutions equally so pick your poison, which will probably end up being Zoom. ;-)

  • Create Agenda: At least a week before a board meeting we suggest you create and share an Agenda with board members. Using collaborative software like Google Docs or Notion will make it easy for board members to add to the agenda. Having this completed before will make the actual board meeting run much smoother. TIP: you can use the agenda doc to also take meeting notes!

  • Take Notes: Assign someone to take notes. Even if you record the meeting, notes are a great way to concrete document what was discussed, what was decided, and followup action items. Make sure to share the notes with all board members, regardless of who attended the meeting.

  • Record Meeting: Many video conference services allow you to record your session. We do recommend recording board meetings, but you need to get everyone's consent. If you're going to talk about sensitive matters it might be best to not record the session.‌

Hosting and attending board meetings is technically a requirement per our Grant Agreement, however, this is not a policy Artizen will enforce. In practical terms, it is entirely up to grant admins whether or not to host board meetings.

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