Grant administrators (admins) have three main responsibilities:

  1. MANAGEMENT - Schedule board meetings, host showcases, review submissions, communicate with grant supporters, and work with your your board of directors to help you craft, focus, and guide the vision of your grant.

  2. PROMOTION - Promote your grant via social media, newsletters, direct outreach, Artizen home feed, messaging supporters, or any other marketing channel you have access to.

  3. GROWTH - Identify and reach out to potential partners who might support the grant with money, mentorship, in-kind services, or other artist benefits.


Grant admins manage their grants in following ways:

  • Craft Language and Media: Solicit and synthesize feedback from board members to craft and evolve the language and media of your grant.

  • Board Meetings: Schedule, attend, and lead board meetings at least once a quarter. Board meetings are a time for grant directors to discuss how best to manage, promote, and grow your grant.

  • Review Submissions: Take the time to review project submissions at least once a month. We suggest you also provide constructive feedback.

  • Comms: Message board members and grant supporters about upcoming events, review deadlines, or any import updates. Click here to learn more about how to send messages on Artizen.

  • Showcases (optional): Hosting showcases is optional, however, we have found them to be an effective tool for building community and support for your grant.

  • Champion Projects: Share review links for project submissions you love. Rally your community behind work you feel captures the spirit of your grant by sharing an update on Artizen, posting to social media, or reaching out directly to folks via email you think would dig the project.


Focusing on the important milestones in your grant's award cycle and leveraging our outreach templates, grant admins should promote their grant via the following channels:

  • Artizen Home Feed: Share updates about your grant directly on Artizen

  • Social Media: Make regular posts to social media about your grant's milestones and encourage your community to do the same, especially your board of directors and any "influencers" you might have access to. And make sure to read over our social media outreach templates.

  • Newsletters: Promote your grant via any email lists or newsletters you have access to. Work with your board to reach out to other organizations who might promote your grant in their newsletter.

  • Direct Outreach: Directly message artists and industry leaders who you think should be involved with your grant. Click here to learn more about how to message members on Artizen.

  • Other Marketing Channels: Get creative and think of new marketing channels for your grant. Maybe convince a podcaster to do a feature on your grant or start your own podcast. Got a friend at a PR firm? Maybe they'll help you get some press for the grant.


Grant admins grow their grants in following ways:

  • Get More Grant Supporters: Grant admins should work with their board to identify and reach out to people in their network who might become grant supporters. We suggest you focus your outreach efforts on Patron or Sponsor level supporters. And make sure to read over our outreach templates for asking for support on social media and email.

  • Add Artist Benefits: In addition to the cash prize, grants also award non-monetary artist benefits such as mentorship or in-kind products and services. Grant admins should encourage board members to contribute artist benefits as well as work with their board to identify other community leaders who might contribute artist benefits. And make sure to read our email template for outreach.

  • Invite New Board Members: Grant admin should work with their board to generate leads for potential new board members who would add value to the grant. Once leads are identified, grant admin is responsible for coordinating outreach and onboarding the new board members. Make sure to refer to our outreach template for inviting new board members.

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