Artizen makes it easy for you to create a new grant that supports the artists in your community. The following documentation covers the requirements, content guidelines, and process for creating a new grant on Artizen.


To create a grant on Artizen you must adhere to the following requirements:

  • your grant must support artists and the development of new creative projects;

  • you are responsible for drafting, composing, or otherwise creating all elements of your grant including the grant hero image, description, and rules and conditions;

  • you are responsible for inviting, managing, and growing your grant's board of directors, supporters, sponsors, and other stakeholders;

  • you are responsible for collecting, managing, and delivering non-monetary artist benefits for grant winners such as mentorship, in-kind contributions, and free tools and services;

  • you are prohibited from submitting projects to your own grant; and

  • you must agree to our Terms of Use including the Grant Agreement and to the responsibilities of Grant Administrators

Content Guidelines

Grants must adhere to our Community Guidelines as well as the following content guidelines:


  • Title - Should be evocative, suggest the focus of the grant, and must include "grant" in the title. 50 character limit

  • Description - You must give an honest and accurate overview of the grant's focus, selection criteria, and benefits for grant winners and supporters. 1,000 character limit

  • Tags - Provide tags to describe the type of artists and type of work your grant is intended to support. At least 1 tag required

  • Review Criteria - You must compose a short description of the key criteria you, your board, and your grant supporters should consider when reviewing project submissions. Keep it simple -- just the most important criteria you want folks to keep in mind when reviewing submissions. 500 character limit

  • Rules and Conditions (Optional) - Any artist who submits a project to your grant will automatically enter into the Grant Agreement, however, you may also draft additional rules and conditions that artists must agree to in order to be eligible for your grant. Any rules and conditions you create form an agreement between you and your grant applicants and does not involve Artizen. 500 character limit

  • Artist Benefits (Optional) - A short description of any additional non-monetary artist benefits for grant winners such as mentorship, in-kind contributions, and free tools and services. These artist benefits may be provided by anyone, although normally they are provided by board members, sponsors, and other grant supporters. While it is not required to provide additional artist benefits, it is a great way to engage your community and support the artists your grant serves. You can learn more about Artist Benefits here. 500 character limit


  • Hero Image - Create a hero image that represents the spirit of your grant. Must not have any text or graphic overlays. JPEG or PNG, 10MB limit, 16:9 aspect ratio, and at least 1920x1080 pixels

  • Video (Optional) - Having a video is not required, however, it is a great way to clearly and quickly communicate what your grant is all about and why someone should support and/or submit to the grant. YouTube or Vimeo video


  • Administrators - Your grant must have at least one administrator. Grant administrators can edit all grant content and receive any administrations fees collected.

  • Board of Directors - Your grant must have at least one board member. Board members receive monthly allotments of upvote credits in exchange for their help to manage and promote your grant.


  • Stage of Projects Accepted - Does your grant accept completed projects or projects that are still in development?

  • Award Schedule - All Artizen grants are recurring grants. You must select if your grant will repeat on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual award cycle.

  • Administration Fee - As a grant admin you get the option to collect a 10% administrative fee for running your grant. If you decide not to collect an administration fee the money will go to the grant winner. You can learn more about grant fees in our Terms of Use.

Creating New Grant

We do not yet allow our members to create new grants directly on our platform. Instead, we work with our members to collaboratively launch new grants. If you are interested in creating a new grant to support the artists in your community, please email us at [email protected] to get started for free.

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