Artizen makes it easy for you to create and run new grants for free that support the artists in your community. Thanks to our unique crowdfunding model, Artizen gives you the freedom to craft and control your grant while empowering your community to fund and curate the awards. Here is a comprehensive guide for how to create and run successful grants that support new work from the artists you love.

Getting Started

Before creating a new grant, here are a few resources to get started:

  1. Join Artizen - Learn how to create a free Artizen profile for yourself

  2. How Grants Work - Learn how Artizen grants are funded and curated

  3. Terms of Use, Grant Agreement, Community Guidelines, & Mission - Learn about the foundational terms, guidelines, and mission of the Artizen community

Creating Your Grant

Here is a quick overview for how to create a new grant on Artizen:

  1. Requirements - You must adhere to our grant requirements

  2. Content Guidelines - You must adhere to our content guidelines

  3. Create Grant - Email us at [email protected] to get started for free

Running Your Grant

Grant administrators have three main responsibilities:

  1. Manage - Schedule board meetings, host showcases, review submissions, communicate with grant supporters, and work with your your board of directors to help you craft, focus, and guide the vision of your grant

  2. Promote - Market your grant via social media, newsletters, direct outreach, Artizen home feed, messaging Artizen members, or any other marketing channel you have access to

  3. Grow - Identify and reach out to potential partners who might support the grant with money, mentorship, in-kind services, or other artist benefits


Please familiarize yourself with the following resources:

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