In order to build support for your projects it is very important that you learn how to give persuasive and powerful presentations about your work. The following are some high-level guidelines for giving project presentations at everything from large events to one-on-one pitch sessions.


  • Keep It Short - 3 to 5 minutes is ideal

  • Text is the Enemy - Big beautiful images with just headline text (5 words or less per slide)

  • Tell a Story - Humans are hardwired for stories, so make your presentation feel like a story


Your presentations should follow the same content outline as your pitch deck. The only difference is your presentation needs to remove all non-essential text. Each slide should only have a handful of words for headlines and important numbers. The reason is you want the audience to listen to you, not read a bunch of text.


The following are examples of some great project presentations. None of these are perfect but show a range of what works.

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