To submit to grants you must first create a project profile for your work. Please follow these instructions to learn how to add projects to Artizen and make sure to also read our best practices guide.

STEP 1: Login or Join Artizen

To create a project profile you must first login to Artizen. If you are not yet an Artizen member please read our How to Join Artizen guide.

STEP 2: Click the Plus Button and Select "Add Project"

Once you are logged in to Artizen you will see a green plus button on the bottom right of your screen. Click that button and select "Add Project". NOTE: Currently you are not able to add and edit projects on mobile devices

STEP 3: Enter Your Project Name

Type in the name of your project. If your project has already been added to Artizen by a collaborator, please select it from the list and join.

However, if your project has not yet been added, click on the "Add New Project" option.

STEP 4: Select State of Project

Find the "State of Project" section and move your project from Draft to either In Development or Completed.

STEP 5: Fill Out All Required Fields

After you select the State of Project all required fields are highlighted in red.

STEP 6: Add Yourself to Team

Make sure to add yourself to the team section. If there are other team members you want to add to your project make sure they first join Artizen to create accounts for themselves.

STEP 7: Publish Project

Once all required fields have been filled out, the Publish button on the bottom right of your screen will turn green indicating that your project is ready to be published.

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