Grant supporters receive a monthly allotment of upvote credits, the exact number of which is determined by their level of support for the grant and whether or not they server on the board of directors. Upvote credits are used to upvote project submissions.

Allotment of Upvote Credits

Grant supporters receive the following number of upvote credits each month:

  • Fans - 3 Upvote Credits

  • Allies - 20 Upvote Credits

  • Patrons - 40 Upvote Credits

  • Sponsors - 60 Upvote Credits

Upvote Credits for Board Members

Board members for grants receive 20 upvote credits every month in addition to however many upvote credits they receive as a grant supporter, unless they are grant sponsors in which case they are capped at 60 upvote credits per month.

Rules for Upvote Credits

Upvote credits are subject to the following rules:

  • Grant supporters may use all their upvote credits to support a single project or they may use them to support several projects.

  • If a grant supporter runs out of upvote credits, they either need to upgrade to a higher tier of support, or wait until the start of the next month when they receive their new allotment of upvote credits.

  • Upvote credits do not accrue and any unused credits zero out at the end of the month.

  • Upvote credits may not be used to upvote your own project submissions.

  • Upvote credits are specific for the grant you support and are non-transferable to other grants. For example, if you receive 3 upvote credits for supporting Grant A as a Fan and then receive 20 upvote credits for supporting a different Grant B as an Ally you may not use any of Grant B's 20 upvote credits to upvote project submissions for Grant A.

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