Donate to the Artizen Fund

Every day, donations to the Artizen Fund are pooled and awarded to new projects at the frontier of art, tech, science, and design. Donate to support human creativity and for the chance to earn Artifacts from our grant winners.

Here's how it works:

STEP 1: Enter donation amount

On the Artizen website, enter the amount you'd like to contribute then click the "Donate" button. All donations are made in ETH, the native currency of Ethereum. Don't have any ETH? We suggest buying some on Coinbase.

STEP 2: Connect your wallet

Don't have a crypto wallet? We suggest Metamask.

STEP 3: Approve transactions

You'll need to approve the donation in your wallet.

STEP 4: Create a profile

If this is your first time donating, you'll need to create an Artizen profile.

STEP 5: Win an Artifact

If you donate more than anyone else in a given 24 hour grant cycle, you are awarded with an Artifact from the winning project.

Learn more about how to win Artifacts

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