Artizen Grants are the best way to support the artists in your community. By pooling your membership dues with other community leaders you amplify your impact and provide more sustainable support for the artists you love. Membership dues are billed either monthly or annually, however, you may also make one-time donations.

STEP 1: Visit Grant Page

Browse Artizen grants and select the grant you want to support. Once on a grant page either scroll down to the support section or click on the "Support" button in the top navigation bar.

STEP 2: Select Membership Tier

The support section on a grant page lists our four membership tiers: Fan, Ally, Patron, and Sponsor. Select the membership tier that fits in your budget and delivers the rewards you want. Note: If you want to pay annually and receive a 20% discount, make sure to toggle the "Bill annually" switch found next to the billing button.

STEP 3: Enter Credit Card

Enter the credit card you would like billed for your membership.

Upgrade or Downgrade

You may upgrade or downgrade your membership tier at any time. Simply navigate to the grant you wish to upgrade or downgrade and then scroll down to the Support section per our instructions above. Your current plan is indicated by the grey "Your Plan" button. Click on the Join button for the membership tier you would like to switch to. You can also find a list of all the grants you support on your settings page.

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