Artizen grants reward you for supporting the artists in your community. Become a grant supporter and receive upvote credits and submit credits to review project submissions and compete for grant awards, and earn public recognition as a community leader. And with membership tiers that range in price from free to large dollar sponsorships, Artizen makes it easy for everyone in the community to become a grant supporter.

Getting Started

Here is a quick start for how to support grants on Artizen:

  1. Join Artizen - Create a free Artizen account or login if you're already a member

  2. Select Grant - Browse Artizen and select the grant you want to support

  3. Become Supporter or Donate - Once on a grant page, scroll down to the Support section and either select a membership tier or make a one-time donation


Here are some of the rewards earned by grant supporters:‌

  • Public Recognition - With featured profiles, brand exposure and more, grant supporters earn public recognition as leaders in art, tech, and entertainment

  • Upvote Credits - Earn upvote credits to review project submissions for grants

  • Submit Credits- Earn submit credits to compete for grant awards

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