Each project submission for an Artizen grant has its own review page where grant supporters are able to upvote and give feedback. The "Review Link" is a unique URL that takes any visitor directly to the review page for a specific project submission. One of the biggest factors in winning an Artizen grant is how successful you are in sharing your project's review link. The more people who you share your review link with the more support and upvotes you'll generate for your project submission.

STEP 1: Launch Leaderboard

To access your review link, you must first find the review page for your project submission. The easiest way to do this is to launch the leaderboard for the grant you submitted to.

STEP 2: Find Your Project Submission

Once you launch the leaderboard scroll down until you find your project submission then click on the "Review Submission" link.

Once you open the review page for your project submission you'll find a "Share Review Link" section where you are able to easily copy your unique URL.

Once you have copied your review link, share it with your friends, family, fans, and followers and ask them to upvote your project submission. We suggest sharing your review link via personal email outreach, newsletters, groups, social media, and updates on Artizen.

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