Artizen is a vibrant community of artists, fans, patrons, and industry leaders. As important as it is to promote your project submission outside of Artizen, equally important is building new relationships within our community. Artists who build strong relationships with fellow Artizen members routinely win grants. Here are guidelines for how to make new friends on Artizen.

Research Members

Take the time to research Artizen members before you message them. Read their bios. Check out past work. Understand what they do professionally, what their interests are, and how you might be able to help one another. Below are suggestions for how to research and discover new members to connect with.

  • Search: Use Artizen's search tool to find relevant members and projects. You can search for company names, topics of interest, locations, types of projects, or anything else a member might have tagged in their profile. Click here to learn more about how to use search.

  • Featured Members: Scrolling through the Featured Members section is a great way to discover artists and industry who have distinguished themselves by producing, funding, distributing, or curating outstanding work. Navigate to the main members section to find Featured Members.

  • Grant Supporters and Board Members: Artizen grants are supported and run by community leaders. Visit our grant pages to research and connect with board members and grant supporters.

  • Teams Behind Successful Projects: We suggest you look through the Featured Projects section to discover and connect with the teams behind successful projects. Navigate to the main projects section to find Featured Projects.

Add Members to Your Loves List

As you research and identify members who might be interested in your work, we suggest you add them to your Loves list. This will trigger a notification which serves as a good initial point of contact and also helps you keep track of your connections.

Message Members

Here are guidelines for how to message members and generate support and upvotes for your project submissions:

  • Build Relationships: When you message a new member on Artizen, never start by asking them for a favor like upvoting your project. Instead, start a conversation. Please read over our community guidelines for the right way to build new relationships on Artizen.

  • Ask for Upvotes: Only once you’ve established a relationship with someone on Artizen is it appropriate to ask them to upvote your project submission. Please read over our community guidelines for the right way to ask for support.

  • Don't Spam: If you message someone on Artizen and you don’t hear back after the second follow up, don’t message them again. Please read over our community guidelines to learn more about what constitutes spam.

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