All artists have a support network of friends, family, fans, and followers. In order to win grants on Artizen we recommend you share your project's review link with your community of supporters and ask them to upvote your project submission. Artists should promote their project submissions via the following marketing channels:

Share Updates on Artizen

Share updates about your project directly on Artizen. Make sure to include your project's review link in all your updates. We suggest sharing an update about once a week or whenever you reach a milestone such as attaching talent, producing new concept art, launching a preview video, finishing a build, or anything that shows progress and forward momentum.

Send Personal Emails

Sending personal emails directly to friends, family, and fans is the most effective way to generate support and upvotes for your project submission. Make sure to include your project's review link and feel free to use our email outreach template.

Include in Newsletters

We highly recommend you promote your project submission via email lists and newsletters. If have your own newsletter then definitely include a blurb asking your subscribers to upvote your project submission. But you should also work hard to get other newsletters to promote your project submission. Research and discover newsletters that focus on similar topics as your project. Subscribe to the newsletter and then write to the authors and ask them to include a short blurb about your project submission. Most folks are only too happy to help out. And make sure to follow our newsletter template.

Join Groups

We suggest you research and join as many groups focused on topics related to your project. Facebook Groups, Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp, and Google Groups are some of the most popular and effective platforms for groups. When you first join a group don't immediately make a post asking for upvotes. Instead, try to engage the members of the group by answering questions and being generally helpful. Once you've established yourself as a member of the group it is appropriate to share your project's review link and ask for support.

Post on Social Media

Making regular posts to social media about your project submission is a great way to generate support and upvotes. You should also try to get other people and organizations with large followings to post about your project submission. And make sure to read over our social media outreach templates.

Other Marketing Channels

Get creative and think of new marketing channels to promote your project submission. Maybe convince a podcaster to do a feature on you and your project. Got a friend at a PR firm? Maybe they'll help you get some press for the project.

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