To submit to grants you must first create a project profile for your work. And make sure to read our Best Practices for Project Profiles to increase your chances of winning a grant. Once you are ready, follow these instructions to submit projects to grants.

Step 1: Navigate to Grant Page

Click on the side navigation drawer and click on Grants to see all grants. Visit the page for the grant you wish to submit your project to.

Step 2: Become a Grant Supporter

Only grant supporters are allowed to submit projects to grants. All grants have a free level of membership that will allow you to submit projects, however, we strongly encourage you to support grants at a paid level if you can afford it. To become a grant supporter, scroll down to the SUPPORT section and select your membership level.

Step 3: Read Rules and Conditions and Agree to Terms

Make sure you read all the rules and conditions for the grant as well as the review criteria and any other guidelines published by the grant admins. Also, by submitting a project to a grant you agree to Artizen's Terms of Use including our Grant Agreement. Make sure you read everything, agree to all terms, and certify that to the best of your knowledge your project meets all stated criteria and is eligible for the grant.

Step 4: Click on Submit Project Button

Click on the Submit Project button found in the top navigation bar on the grant page.

Step 5: Select The Project to Submit

After you click on the Submit Project button, you'll get a popup window with all of your project profiles. Please select the project profile you wish to submit.

Step 6: Answer Custom Questions and Confirm Submission

Some grants have custom questions they'll require you to answer. After you've answered any custom questions, you'll confirm your submission after which point your project is officially in the running for the grant!

NOTE: If you have any questions about the grant, please feel free to write directly to the grant admins.

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